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Professional Biography for Bret Pritchett, IT Consultant

Bret Pritchett, a Gartner Institute certified IT Project Manager, brings nineteen years of corporate information technology consulting, product development, marketing and sales experience to the table. His business experiences have developed while he was on staff with a number of innovative corporations, including MCI, WorldCom, WilTel, Lanier, Global Crossing, Comdisco, Ameritech, and US Sprint. Pritchett also launched a consulting business, OASYS (Organizational Analysis & Systems), which has successfully continued operations since it officially opened in 1996. In 2001, he formed GeBX, LLC. OASYS became a unit of GeBX.

Pritchett orchestrated over thirty formal corporate seminars on Disaster Recovery Planning for substantial members of the Chicago Financial District, while with Ameritech Information Systems, in 1991 and 1992. Pritchett pioneered the development of the first Data Network Recovery Product utilizing ISDN technology to provide 100% uptime. Previously this concept was only theoretically achievable. He formed and managed a talented project team, from varied technical disciplines, to design an effective solution. He proved product viability by securing a reputable customer for a beta test and then project managing the first implementation with the premier, international ticker-tape provider: Telecurs. Pritchett introduced ISDN as a more flexible transport medium for Videoconference communications to many of Ameritech's larger clients.

Pritchett embraced the influx of new data transmission technologies that occurred between 1993 and 1999, providing significant leadership in their expansion. He developed data network designs for Financial Services corporations whose requirements included zero downtime. He pioneered the use of secondary PVCs, in Frame Relay data networks, to create data networks that could endure most potential points of failure in the Wide Area Network (WAN) environment. He pioneered the use of Bandwidth on Demand services to provide scalable Disaster Recovery services to users of cell-based networks such as Frame Relay and ATM. Pritchett managed beta test implementation for one of the first ever ATM networks provided for WAN applications. He provided consultation and project management for the implementation of the first-ever, corporate Frame Relay WAN to use DS-3 based port speeds.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association featured Pritchett as one of their speakers at their annual Call Center Conference in 1999. His subject matter was the deployment of web-enabled Customer Resource Management (CRM) technologies within the Healthcare Call Center environment. In the latter part of 2000, Pritchett was a speaker and panel member at the San Francisco and Dallas sessions of the INTERNETWEEK Learning Programs’ “Scalable e-Business Sites” Seminars that were held in five major US cities. There his topic was on the architectural design of a highly available web presence.

Today Pritchett provides data network, eBusiness, and videoconference consulting for clients. Recent projects have included a LAN conversion from Novell to Windows 2000. The conversion included databases, user workstations, and servers for a Fortune 500 corporation's financial services division. Pritchett has conducted wireless LAN site-surveys for equipment vendors and implemented cable management systems in client's data centers. He has developed websites and designed eBusiness Marketing Plans for a number of clients. Pritchett's experience with ISDN, IP, and Videoconference Systems continues into its twelfth year. A number of clients have used him to implement videoconference communications solutions for them in 2002. Most importantly, Pritchett provides clients with solutions designed to improve their ability to compete and grow their business.

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